ledgart project title

The LedgArt Project is an active experiment exploring the vast NFT space. Our purpose is to develop and curate emerging technologies while facilitating the relationship between creators and collectors. We're devoted to NFTs and believe the industry is in the early stages of utility, function, and adoption, and we're committed to being an active participant in building the leading edge use cases and proofs of concept for the community.

While LedgArt’s foundation installment, Wonky Stonks, incorporates generative art elements, LedgArt strives to explore every sector of the NFT and digital property world. Art and innovation have infinite derivatives, and we refuse to silo creativity into a single bucket.

All future project installments will be thoroughly vetted. As we grow, we aim to host some of the most creative minds in the space and be a platform for shining a light on artists, developers, and creators that may not have had the opportunity to be seen otherwise.

Please contact the team if you feel like you have an idea or collection ready for production that aligns with our vision.