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The LedgArt community has made history. Not just for NFTs, but for the entire crypto space.

On October 19, 2021, Wonky Stonks became the first NFT project with an organic drop to sell out with over 79% Unique Wallet Ownership (in under 2 hours)! Not just on Ethereum, but on any chain.

A few highlights from the historic mint:

Head on over to Opensea.io, LooksRare, or Rarible.com to explore the entire Wonky Stonks collection on the secondary markets.

the wonky stonks revolution is here

Wonky Stonks is the first installment of the LedgArt Project.

We believe that charts are inherently works of art. Wonky Stonks is the first of its kind; a fully generative, financially-inspired NFT collection for investors, traders, and quants alike.

This digital art collection is comprised of 8,736 unique, provably rare, collectibles residing on the Ethereum blockchain. Each Wonky Stonk digital collectible is algorithmically derived from a number of potential attributes and combined to achieve levels of rarity and exclusivity. No two collectibles are the same. The resulting piece is stored as an ERC-721 token and hosted on IPFS.

Gif showing different example charts

mint and collect

Your first Wonky Stonk is FREE to mint.

All you need to do is cover the minting gas fee, and the NFT is yours. One primary goal of the Wonky Stonks experiment is lowering the barrier to entry for digital artwork. We're committed to providing access to everyone in the community, including those who haven’t had the opportunity to participate in projects they may have otherwise due to prohibitive mint costs.

The subsequent pieces will cost 0.07 ETH per piece to mint, with a maximum of 12 Wonky Stonks per wallet. This is to ensure a wide and fair distribution of the art to as many people as possible, while still allowing those who desire to build their collection beyond the initial free piece a means to do so.

After minting your Wonky Stonks, head on over to Opensea.io to view, trade, and collect other pieces in the collection. We'll also update this site to reflect the provenance once all pieces have been claimed.

56 of the 8,736 unique NFTs will be unavailable for initial release and used for contests, promotions, and rewards. Stay tuned.

example line chart moves up and to the rightexample candlestick chart moves neutrallyexample bar chart in bollinger bands moves down and to the rightexample area chart with orange fill recovers from dipexample line chart is very bullishexample bar chart with moving average moves up and to the right

wonky stonk attributes

Check out a preview of some of the exclusive attributes below. Not all are listed, so be on the lookout for rare traits after you receive pieces from your mint. No two Wonky Stonks are the same, so you can rest assured that yours is entirely unique to all others.

And remember... they're ALL rare!